Indistractable Chapter 11

Chapter 11, Schedule Important Relationships

Eyal discusses making sure people are continually nurturing their relationships with others. It's important to have friends that make your life richer. He has a core group of friends that get together every so often, and has a topic to discuss so they don't just discuss work and the weather. They make it a point to always get together on a particular day, not require much money, and remove barriers that others could see as obstacles to making an appearance.

I think that I do a good job making sure I am seeing some friends, but I just listed out the friends I regularly contact, how often, and for how long we get together. I then went through the list to decide if I need to increase or decrease the frequency, and then looked at how much time I need to allot over a month. After that, I sent up a reminder for myself to reach out to friends and set up a date and time to get together. This way, I'll be reminded that I must be mindful about the time I have left for other things and not assume that I have all sorts of unscheduled time to study or start a new piano piece.

It was interesting to me that the first week I moved to North Carolina, I was going to groups for playing piano or drinking beer and playing trivia. I've made sure that I had a strong group of friends - something I would have scoffed at in my teens and early 20s. After all, I went to a college of 30k students, switched majors once, and managed to only make two friends. Not-So-Recent-Past Laura would be surprised about the number of friends I have today. Present Laura is very happy to have them around! I'll make sure to have time for them!

Chapter Summary:

  • The people you love deserve more than getting whatever time is left. If someone is important to you, make regular time for them on your calendar.
  • Go beyond scheduling date days with your significant other. Put domestic chores on your calendar to ensure an equitable split.
  • A lack of close friendships may be hazardous to your health. Ensure you maintain important relationships by scheduling time for regular get-togethers.


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