Invisalign Day 4

Wasn't too bad. I still ate slow... or, I just didn't talk as much during lunch with my co-workers. One co-worker mentioned she couldn't even tell I had the attachments on my teeth, which was helpful to know. I feel like they're extremely noticeable! My teeth feel so clean since I floss and brush them at least twice a day, but more like three or four times now.

Today, I tried out not having morning coffee, and instead drinking warm plain water. Instead of drinking two cups of coffee and two cups of tea by lunchtime, I had only managed one and a half cups of plain water by lunch, drank a diet soda during lunch, then nothing until I got home. So... that didn't work! When I got home, I noticed I was very thirsty and drank a can of seltzer water, then another quarter can of seltzer water while I cooked Ramen with three eggs for dinner. I finished the rest of the seltzer water, so clearly I was thirsty. 3 cups of water in the form of seltzer, and at least 2 cups of water in the form of Ramen broth.

I just got my Strong Curves book in the mail and I read the introduction so far. The trainer is rather heavy on the science and anatomy of movement, and focuses on what works best depending on the person - sometimes a medium load with many reps works better, sometimes a heavy load with minimum reps is what's best. The program itself is 12 weeks, but he adds three other 12 week programs for more advanced exercise. After I finish up the workout sheets in my log, which will be done by the end of the week, I can start the Strong Curves program and see where I land on my birthday, roughly 12 weeks later.


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