Snow Day!

I worked from home today, but didn't get to the gym because people started requesting ad-hoc things to do straight away when I was going to head out for lunch, then figured that others would be coming back from lunch to ask for me to do other things afterward, and I wanted to get my actual job done as well. I just couldn't get enough time.

We didn't get a lot of snow - just 2.5 inches, but my neighbors enjoyed it and built a snowman.

I'll be doing my gym exercises at home, between now and dinner - then I'm heading out for a board game night with some friends. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up, with a high of 55. That'll get me back on track. Timeboxing isn't going well - or maybe it is, and it's showing me that I'm attempting too many things, or that I have too many other distractions going on. Tomorrow, I'll be able to reflect on the week. Right now, I have to start thinking about making dinner!


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