Strong Curves, workouts 1 and 2

It's really awkward to do a glute bridge in the gym, even when there is a smaller, less occupied Abs and Stretching area in its own room. But I did the glute bridge anyway, yesterday, and foot elevated single leg bridge today! I didn't do the step up exercise today - just stepping on a box and back off -  because there was no box in the gym to do so, and I didn't want to step on one of the benches where people sit or lay their head even though the gym provides cleaner and paper towels to wipe down machines and benches.

I figured going up 36 steps with some groceries to my apartment tonight was good enough.

I certainly feel good soreness in my legs after the two days of new exercises. I'm looking forward to more and to reading a few parts of the Strong Curves book again to make sure I'm doing things right and not missing anything. Tomorrow I'll be going to dinner with a friend and will take the day off of exercising. Thursday and Friday I'll do another round of exercises, and Saturday I'll do some cardio. It seems to work to have Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as exercise days, however I might have to switch some Mondays for Wednesday as I go to dinner with a different friend every other Monday.

Timeboxing has gotten me to be more useful with my time so far, but I'm not getting everything done that I expect to get done. That's alright, though - it's a step in the right direction.


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