What a busy and rough day!

I felt a little bad not pulling a ticket in to work on, as I didn't have active ticket in the development queue. By 7:15am, I no longer felt that way. I was on troubleshooting and putting out fires duty for our dry run to be sure the exam ran properly. Now, the set up is a little unusual, and not everyone is going to do things like they generally do for a real exam. But, I was asked to 2 tasks script-wise that that should have been handled by people for testing the functionality; new code was put into one database but never requested to replicate to another; I was given the wrong time to run a step, which meant a job didn't run; and the data setup wasn't done completely correctly, so some people didn't see things that they expected to see. Despite telling me that's how they 'never set up X this way', I couldn't find a way for the people to appear because the code was looking for people in a certain table that wasn't fully populated. I looked for 4 hours through SQL code and Perl code, and could not find an instance to prove me wrong. Granted, I might not have found the right piece of code yet, but I'm running out of places to look.

I worked late to patch our lower level SQL servers. Microsoft patches are getting huge. The monthly patch this time around was 1.4GB. Ridiculous! It took 25 minutes to download and 20 minutes to apply. I didn't get home until 6:30. I ate dinner and caught up on a couple of YouTube channels, searched for plane tickets for Ohio and called my mother. It is now time for bed. I didn't get around to reading any of my books or play piano or go to the gym. Hopefully tomorrow is better!


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