Working from Home and the first few chapters of Indistractable

I'm working from home this week. Another business is using our facilities, so we've all been kicked out. I don't mind working from home once in a great while, in cases of poor weather or contagious illness, but I'm usually not pleased working from home after a couple of days. Today was alright - I managed to get three things finished. Like any usual day, none of the three were the tasks I expected to complete today. As long as people continue to be responsive via IM and not just walk away from their computers, hopefully things will go smoothly. We'll see how it goes.

I've been enjoying the first few chapters of Indistractable. Here are a few chapter summaries that the book offers:

Chapter 1, What is your superpower?

The chapter introduces the issue of not being able to focus, and that smartphones and tablets certainly don't help, but they aren't all of the problem.

  • We need to learn to learn how to avoid distraction. Living the lives we want requires not only doing the right things, but also necessitates not doing the things we would regret.
  • The problem is deeper than tech. Being indistractable isn't about being a Luddite. It's about understanding the real reasons why we do things against our best interests.

Chapter 2, Being Indistractable

The chapter discusses triggers and traction.

  • Distraction stops you from achieving your goals. It is any action that moves you away from what you really want.
  • Traction leads you closer to your goals. It is any action that moves you toward what you really want.
  • Triggers prompt both traction and distraction. External triggers prompt you to action with cues in your environment. Internal triggers prompt you to action with cues within you.

I'll continue to read the book - I've found it helpful thus far. I also dipped my toe into using a productivity/habit tracking app called Fabulous. After a few days or weeks, I'll write more about that.


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