Focused on cleaning; glitch in map

I slept poorly again - slept from 11:30pm - 3:30am, then 5:30am - 7am. Definitely not enough, as evidenced by the headache and sleepiness I got in the afternoon. I found a half bottle of hand sanitizer, and some Clorox disinfectant wipes, so I'm hopefully good until the grocery stores start stocking those items again. They're still all sold out, here. I'm going to do my own self-quarantine this weekend even though I'm feeling fine, and stay in. It'll be nice and quiet and warm and no one will cough at me or sneeze in my general direction.

I've been watching the changes in the Coronavirus map, provided by Johns Hopkins since the first US case. It looks like South Korea has over 6,000 cases and is now just off the coast of North Carolina!!! I must watch out!


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