Happy with progress for the first two days + OH NO CORONAVIRUS

Monday and Tuesday at work have been non stop-production issues. I made sure to get out for lunch today so I wouldn't work straight through and start making errors due to hunger. Last night, I did some studying for my exam, and several bodyweight exercises. Tonight, I went back to the gym, and it was great! The rest of the resolutionists have gone, and now there's enough room for everyone, and places to park. I went through one of the strong curves workouts and felt rather, well, strong. I increased the weight a bit, and still felt my form was consistent and correct.

I didn't get home until a little later than I had planned, and was rather tired by that point, so I just talked with one of my friends and then called my mother to tell her that the coronavirus is now in my county. They were planning to come see me in a few weeks, but might change their plans and make the trip in the summer.

As for me, I'm washing my hands every time I'm going from a place with people to my own area, whether it be my desk or my home. I also stocked up (last week, because I know this week it would be ridiculous) on rice and beans and I already had frozen rolls, meat and vegetables. I'm confused at the people continually buying bottled water.

And, clearly I've not done a great job turning off the computer at 9 - It's almost 9:30 and I'm just now finishing up my blog post! Time to calm down and listen to today's meditation in Calm.


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