If it looks like you're overreacting, you're probably doing the right thing.

That statement was given by Dr. Fauci, an excellent and well respected doctor who is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Coronavirus in the US will get much worse before it gets better. The UK is rumored to suggest or require all citizens 70 and over to self isolate for four months. Schools in the US are shut for at least two weeks if not more. Most businesses have instituted work from home schemes. France, Italy and Spain have their countries on lockdown and people can only venture out to get food, medicine, medical care, or work. There are a few cities in the US that are closing restaurants and bars, grocery stores around the country are reducing shopping hours and retail shops are closing entirely. The US has (at least) 3244 cases and 62 deaths. Apple has closed all stores outside of China, and is reopening stores in China as the outbreak there has stopped multiplying.

I'm staying home, but making sure I sit on my patio for at least 5 minutes to get fresh air. Tomorrow, I'll work from home. I've just put all my gear together and powered it on. I'm ready to go for Monday morning at 7.


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