Indistractable Chapter 21

Chapter 21, Hack Back Feeds

Eyal spends this chapter showing how to remove newsfeeds or other information for the user that would be relevant for continuing to consume media or other distractions easily. He removes the newsfeed in Facebook, and only goes to the messaging subsite of LinkedIn instead of the feed provided by LinkedIn. He also uses an extension for YouTube that removes the videothumbnails and ads on the right side of the screen, showing a much cleaner look.

I have a Facebook account, but rarely scroll through the newsfeed. I never go to Twitter or LinkedIn anymore, and I don't have Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest. Reddit, however, is the community I most need to limit my exposure, as I've gone from 'learning something most of the time' to 're-reading an idea in an echo chamber'. I am hoping with the inclusion of Pocket on my phone and replacing the Reddit icon in my folder of most used apps to Pocket, I'll switch my usage from Echo Chamber Reddit to Learn Something Articles from Pocket.

Chapter Summary:

Feeds, like the ones we scroll through on social media, are designed to keep you engaged. Feeds are full of external triggers that lead us to distraction.
Take control of feeds by hacking back. Use free browser extensions like News Feed Eradicator for Facebook, Newsfeed Burner, Open Multiple Websites, and DF Tube to remove distracting external triggers.

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