Less busy, but more varied

Today was not as ridiculous, but I still had plenty of urgent production support issues to resolve, as well as several meetings. We had a few candidates for a position we're trying to fill, and it's tough finding the right person. There were people who were a great for personality but light on technical skills, and people who had great technical skills but lacked soft skills and acted like a robot. We made a great pick at the end. I don't know exactly when she's coming on, but I'm sure it's soon. We are looking for a Business Analyst now, and hope to find someone with both great technical skills and people skills. It's a hot market for people looking for jobs. We'll have tough competition here.

I ended up reading a bit more than I expect this evening and didn't get to studying for the exam. At least the laundry is done, and I'm feeling relaxed. I'll be heading to bed early as I didn't get enough sleep last night.


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