Must stop watching the news

I felt awful this evening, not in a "I have a contagious disease" way, but in a "While watching almost nothing but the news and reading nothing but the news and not seeing anyone except apartment office people for 2 minutes to pick up my package since Friday at 5pm" stressed out kind of way. I've been sleeping poorly but at least I have been eating well.

Things I will stop doing: 

Watching the news daily, including late night shows. I'll only watch those types of shows on Saturday.

Unsubscribing from r/coronavirus on Reddit

I guess I should stop reading the news, but that seems like a rather drastic action. I'll start with, I will not read the news on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Things I will fill my time with:

Reading not-the-news. Going back to Indistractable and other books.

Playing piano

If I had an easy day, try a video game. I have a computer, a Nintendo Wii, an N64 and an Atari, each with multiple games.

Good things I am continuing to do:

Shower, dress, get up at the same time each day

Put in a full day's work

Listen to music I like

Eat two full meals a day

Get outside, even if just my patio, every day

Reach out to others electronically


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