No planning in a disaster, things move too fast.

Unless you plan to stay at home. Which you should.

I called the orthodontist's office today to see what measures they're taking, as I have an appointment on Friday morning. They are disinfecting common areas several times a day and requesting parents and other family members of the patient (because most of an orthodontist's caseload is minor children) to stay in the car. I'll just wear gloves and wash my hands.

I wonder if my neighbors are moving their furniture after some large grocery run. It's been nearly non stop booms and bangs, sometimes shaking my couch, for the last hour. I hope they get it right and don't move anything for the next two months.

The US has passed 4,000 cases, mostly in Washington state, California and New York. North Carolina currently stands at 34 cases, and Ohio at 50. We're still hoping for widespread testing to start so we can quarantine early cases. I'd rather have a curve like South Korea rather than Italy.

I'm struggling to not look at the news. It's everywhere. I'll instead spend the evenings playing piano and reading something other than the news.


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