Social distancing

Isolation for our own good. The office declared that we will be all sent home on Friday with the notion that we'll be working from home until April 1st, at least. The board cancelled the next two exams, and all committee meeting will be done online. We are welcomed to come back into the office IF we have no symptoms of ANY illness, AND the HR manager and the employee's manager both agree that the employee needs to work in the office.

I cancelled a few lunches I planned with friends this weekend, and will call them instead. I have about a month's worth of food, and some extra toilet paper, and I even have a month's worth of coffee, some hand sanitizer and Lysol disinfectant wipes, however I don't have a month's worth of oat milk or seltzer water. I do have plenty of regular water from the tap and refillable Brita pitcher, plus my hurricane case of bottled water.

I hope my friends have enough food and water to shelter in place for at least two weeks. The weather is mild here, so we won't need to battle winter weather like places in the northwestern US. We're just going to have a little rain over the night, and highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s throughout the upcoming week. Because the city prides itself with having miles and miles of walking trails, you can go for an early morning walk, as long as you're not following someone. While the Covid particles stay in the air, there should be enough of a breeze at this time of the year that it will be blown elsewhere, on trees, in the creek, etc.

If you are ill, just stay home. Sorry. You've got to help everyone else stay safe. I'm going to stay home for several days, myself. After that, I might go for a walk. Also by myself.


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