Not much to show and tell

I managed to not sleep until the storm was about to arrive, which was dumb. I tossed and turned from 10pm - 3am, but was able to sleep until my just-before-7am-alarm. I'm quite tired now, so I'll be turning in soon.

Today I worked on deployment concerns, sat in a few meetings, and discussed documentation with the other DBA. I took a short walk at lunch, enjoyed the breezy outside, and again enjoyed the very pleasant and mild weather on my patio. I worked on some photography exercises, both in composition and post production, and expect to continue my practice through May or so. I played GeoGuessr with one of my friends after talking about our day too long to play an entire round of Othello. Guess that will wait for another day. All this, of course, being done via videocall.

I have a few photography books that I'll reference as I get ideas, and hope my photography progresses in complexity and intrigue.

Coronavirus update:

We hit the 2 million case mark. Only 7.8 billion, or 97.5% of the population, to go now.


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