Reading and researching

Today was a quiet day at work. I spent it editing documentation and reading how to use SQL Server Integration Services to automatically kick off stored procedures so that the data warehouse at work can have some sort of drip feed of data. After that I started researching ham and bean soup via instant pot, and what exactly is in the HamBeenz brand seasoning packet. (Spoiler: Maltodextrin and "natural flavors")

When I made the HamBeenz Cajun soup a few months ago, I found the seasonings not so grand, so I wanted to know what was in the original, so I can either increase the spices or ignore the packet and put in my own spices. I know that I often have to double the spices (or more!) that are in a recipe.

I've been reading several recipes as well as the soup chapter of The Food Lab by J. Kenzi Lopez-Alt. I'll watch Pro Home Cooks' video tomorrow about using spices.

Today's crossword:


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