Reading and working out

Today, beyond chores and ignoring the news, I started and finished David Thorne's book "I Won't Be Coming Into Work Today Because You're All Dickheads" and then started "Last Chance to See" by Douglas Adams.

I looked outside to my patio, and didn't see any bees. I looked again a half hour later, and didn't see any bees, so I went out with cleaning supplies to clean off the rest of the patio furniture. It went well, wiping down the furniture, and I was about to sit down with Thorne's book. However, the bees reappeared and did not seem to like the fact that I just cleaned off the furniture, or maybe their way of thanking me was to buzz around my face and the patio door so I felt trapped. Luckily, the buzzed away from my for a bit, so I ran inside, sad that they spoiled my afternoon on the patio. Hopefully with everything cleaned, they'll go elsewhere, and I can get my patio back.

I did finally remember to pull out my yoga mat and work out for a while, and noticed I'm out of shape. I'll be going for a walk/run tomorrow for a 2 mile baseline. We'll see how I do. I'm going to guess - terribly.

And now I'm going to play piano for a bit.


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