Some hobbies, more social

This evening, I attended "Practice Church" for one of my friends, who is holding Home Church Services. We were asked as guinea pigs for our thoughts, and I very much appreciated the kind and encouraging way that participation was invoked. I'm hoping the group of us who attended were helpful to the deacon, so she'll be ready for Sunday.

Work was more meetings, a dreadful deploy that took hours, and the bright spot was lunch with two of my friends, via Teams. We talked about the current state of affairs at work and at in the country. I solved more problems, and acted as the BA again.

Afterward, I enjoy playing Geoguessr and co-solving the NYT mini crossword puzzle with one of my friends. It reminded me of 1 - how much I enjoyed crossword puzzles, and 2 - my grandmother, because she always had books of crossword puzzles and would solve the crossword puzzle in the local paper. Maybe I should look into getting a crossword puzzle book.

I didn't get to piano, but I did work out, so I'm pleased with that. It's amazing how much time flies, accidentally! ...which reminds me of the saying "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." and wikipedia has taught me that it is a "garden path sentence" and now I'm going down that Wikipedia entry...


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