The weekend, and more books

I'm about a third of the way through Douglas Adams' book Last Chance to See. It is excellent, and written as if he were playing Ford Prefect, describing Earth to non-Earthling in a much more vrbose way than "mostly harmless". I highly recommend it, and am a bit ashamed that it's been on my bookshelf for so long while I chose to read other books, or just watch the news or other YouTube nonsense.

I've been enjoying my permanent staycation, interrupted with work on Monday through Thursday. I'm getting a lot of reading in, even when I goof off and watch a bit too much YouTube or read a bit too much Reddit. Having this time to go through my bookshelf makes me happy - I feel like I'm getting something done that I've wanted to get done for quite some time, which is why I've been lugging these books from Ohio to North Carolina. I've gathered other books along the way, and some I've borrowed and need to give back, but most have been sitting on the shelf with me admiring them, while thinking "Oh, yes, I meant to read that, it looked like a good book" and shuffling off to do something other than read.

I suppose the right thing to do is to put some caps on my reading time, as reading for hours is great, but means I'm not working out or playing piano. I'll be sure to stop every two chapters and do something else I wanted to do instead of realize it's now night time, I'm tired, and all I've done is read a book.

Coronavirus update:

US hit a milestone, and is nearly 1/3 of all world cases. It will be interesting how the world will be in 4 weeks. Will the US have largely recovered while India is the new hotspot? That'll be my guess. I'll also predict that we'll have social distancing rules until June 1 to make sure people won't go overboard for the Memorial Day holiday.


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