WP crossword

I didn't time my crossword playing yesterday and did not notice I played Sunday's crossword last night. So, I found the Washington Post mini crossword, which I think was just terrible! The user interface was bad, and the clues also sucked. Why not make the board/clues area bigger instead of making the player have to scroll? Also, that's not how you spell adz, apparently. All other references seem to spell the tool as "adze", but I hadn't heard of it anyway, so I wouldn't have noticed - I used the down clues to fill out 1 across.

Ok, apparently you can spell it 'adz' or 'adze' depending on preference. Still annoying. The clue for 7 across was "body" and the clues I had filled in so far had the answer for 7 across as "T_R_O", so I was lost, thinking of the whole body or a body of work. I was annoyed at the clue for 2 down as well, "Fizzles out". The rest I knew, though my first guess for 6 across "Half of the Odd Couple" was Oscar
, then I thought Felix, but it wasn't until I got Guts (where the clue was Courage) that I remembered the character's last name was Unger.

Regardless, it was not my favorite user interface or set of clues, so I'll just wait around for the NYT mini crossword.

Regarding Coronavirus: States near my state are opening up soon, but NC is staying closed until May 8th, at least. By tomorrow, we'll have hit 3 million cases globally and 1 million cases in the US.


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