Another crossword puzzle crushed, but the noisy bass is back

After five weeks of quiet, my neighbors have their bass loud enough that I can hear it over my music. Instead of making a fuss since I'm heading to bed in about an hour, I'll just run my noisy dishwasher on the longest setting it has to drown out the noise. Hopefully this is just a rare occurrence now. If not, I guess I'll stomp on the floor again - the thing I did in anger because their music was so loud that I could hear the bass drum, bass guitar and snare drum in every room of my apartment, even the back bathroom. I didn't want to do that, but I'd already talked to them and gave them isolation pads.

However, I did well on today's mini crossword, though I had to just guess a letter for the intersection of 5 down and 7 across. I was thinking that The Mannequin Challenge, something I haven't heard about, had something to do with Pokeman Go which I know is a mobile game to catch creature. FA_S I wasn't sure how it applied to a mobile game, and 7 across was about a late night show that I hadn't heard of. _ESUS was what I'd filled in thus far, and when I tried J and it wasn't the right answer, I didn't know where else to go... so I started typing random letters, knowing it needed to at least be a consonant.

I just found the Twinkie, Deconstructed book, so I will start it tomorrow.


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