Continued good choices

I enjoyed finishing the rest of Minecraft: The Island, and took a 2 mile walk around the greenway. I shot more photos and found other subjects to stage and shoot in the future. I also enjoyed a day free of the news.

I found it hilarious that after over a month of strict stay-at-home orders for the county in which the greenway trails had 300% or 400% more people than usual, the day after the stay-at-home order was lifted and we're now under the state stay-at-home order, which allows for gatherings of 10 people or less the greenway trail was almost empty.

I made another round of carnitas and am now down to 3 lbs of frozen pork and some frozen vegetables, I'll be making a grocery list this weekend to buy on Monday.

After dinner, I watched a movie as I didn't want to start a new book, and didn't want to break my streak of no news.


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