Crossword, Chapter 3 and General Tso's Chicken

I'm pleased that I got this crossword done so quickly! I filled it in with 1 across, 8 across, 9 across, 1 down, 3 down, 4 across and 7 across.

For breakfast, I hard boiled some eggs in the Instant Pot, and while it doesn't save a lot of time versus the boil in a pot method, it certainly cleans up easier.

For dinner, I made General Tso's Chicken from this recipe. I think it's close to the restaurant quality I enjoy sans breading, but I think I would omit a 1/2 TBSP of brown sugar. The sauce was good, but I think was a bit too sweet.

This morning, I read chapter 3 in Twinkie, Deconstructed. The chapter focuses on on bleach, which acts as a whitening agent for flour. One could ground wheat and wait 3 months for it to turn white, or instead, inject a small amount of chlorine for a few seconds. Bakerpedia shows similar information on the kinds of bleaching agents flour mills use. Further research shows that many countries ban specific bleaching agents - and several not banned by the FDA were listed as toxic, but since mills no longer use them, they aren't banned in the US, as no one has shown to be harmed. Perhaps I'll still find unbleached flour when I can. When there isn't a pandemic on.

Speaking of pandemics, we've hit 4 million cases globally, and it looks like Brazil and Peru are full steam ahead on their case count. I'm hoping the US can slow theirs down, but I suspect it's unlikely.


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