Crossword, Photography, Recipe Discussions and Running

I did an almost 2 mile walk at lunch, then a 2 mile run after work. I'm really liking my watch, and apparently I have a high resting heart rate, and often go to the maximum level considered when I run. Maybe I should do more mindful breathing exercises.

Crossword performance was great today! The clues weren't fantastic, but most were good enough to get the answer.

I'm reading chapter 4 of Twinkie, Deconstructed, but it's a heavy chapter and I might break it up into multiple posts.

I practiced photography again, along with photo editing, and I'm getting better with composition. I had another video chat with one of my friends and we talked about recipes we're interested in trying out.

With all that, I didn't have time to read Reddit and barely caught up on the local news, and didn't even get to all of my hobbies or other projects. I don't know how I did anything when I had to drive places and not multitask!


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