Lamp photo explained

Most of the photos I took with my photography challenge were in my dining room or living room. I decided to head to another room to get inspiration from the different objects and lighting. I went to my bedroom, cleaned off the nightstand and only had the lamp on it. I tried having the lamp on, the lamp and far lamp on the other side of the room on, and different views of the lamp and orientation of the nightstand. I fooled around with how much light to show above the lamp, how much nightstand to include, and if I wanted the lamp centered or off to the side.

I knew I was envisioning clean, soft lines and gradient light. Nothing sharp or jagged. I wanted the viewer to feel something between peaceful and morose.

I slightly changed the temperature and clarity of the photo in my post production, as well as cropped the right edge of the stand out of the picture. Keeping it in seemed to be a distraction at best, and an open question of "How does this add?" when it really didn't.

I'm really pleased the way it turned out.


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