Meetings, Long walk, video chats and a crossword

Work was pretty normal. Sat in meetings, worked on ticket analysis, all good stuff. Afterward, I decided to walk what I thought was a 5 mile loop around a neighborhood in my area, and ended up finding out it's 4.73 miles what with my superwatch I got from my birthday. There was an extra area I could have walked that is longer, but it isn't a quarter mile longer, so I'll have to figure out how to make it a 5 mile loop.

I enjoyed talking to two friends via videochat and considering what a social distance birthday would look like. The other friend and I tested a new (to us) application for videochatting, and will continue to use it for a week or two over the app we usually spend time on, just to see if this is better.

Crossword time was excellent again! Pleased about that. And I'm continuing to practice photography. I don't know where the time goes - how did I get anything done before being stuck at home all the time?


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