Two crossword successes!

My AC isn't really working. I figured that out early this afternoon when the temperature was 83 outside and the AC couldn't keep up. However, we're still in "Only put in emergency tickets" and tomorrow's high is going to be 59, and the next week will only get up to 72, once. The rest of the week will be in the high 60s. I'll wait until the beginning of next week to put in a ticket. It's comfortable in a tshirt and shorts if the overhead fan is running. I have the lights off to help.

Both of the crosswords were done within my arbitrary goal! I was very pleased with that!

I expected to read the first chapter of Twinkie, Deconstructed, but instead all I've been doing this evening, after the crosswords and cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floor was done, is look for my copy of the book. I do turn on the lights for the room I'm in to see - I'm not looking for a book in the dark, but I'll have to read chapter 1 tomorrow... if I find it!


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