Cilantro for Aji Verde sauce

I made some Aji Verde sauce recently, and sadly, didn't care for it. I like the ingredients, but the recipe I followed called for mayo, and the author mentioned that mayo isn't in the original recipe, but she preferred it as it gave the sauce a bit more thickness. I put in less than what she suggested, and it just tastes like mayo that was colored green. I put in 3 jalapenos, a large bunch of cilantro leaves, plenty of lime juice, and all I got back was... green mayonnaise with green flecks. How disappointing!

However, I love this picture. I wanted to create some sort of direction for this photo, and decided I liked the almost-3D feel with the pile of cilantro leaves getting higher in the center and in sharp focus. It was a happy accident that I decided to change the direction of the cutting board so that the corner is in top center and helps the viewer's eyes back to the center.


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