Coronavirus Continues

Coronavirus continues in the US, and is rising in about half of the states. Between most states NOT having a notable outbreak (yet) and no federal response, except blaming others, nor state governments banding together to decide what would be best, like mandating masks, it seems this infectious disease is here for the rest of the year and likely part of next year, too. Cases in my state are rising rapidly.

I'm enjoying working from home still, and I don't expect to get back to the office until there is a safe and effective vaccine. Too many stories of younger healthy adults without co-morbidities getting very ill.

I'm starting to miss travelling and hiking. I could go hiking in Umstead, but that still seems too risky for my tolerance level. And, around this time I start preparing for my twice-annual trip to Ohio to visit family and friends, but I've cancelled that. At least I'm not spending a lot of money. Heck, I filled up my gas tank in February 28th, and didn't get gas again until June 6th. My restaurants bills have gone to $0, but my grocery bill has doubled.

I'll just keep to myself, visiting rarely with friends, and continue with cooking at home. I'm getting to try out more complex recipes and enjoy watching America's Test Kitchen on YouTube. And I get to work on piano and recording this week.


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