Final photo of the challenge

I decided to have a goal of adding multiple photos together, as if I'm playing in my own band. I had a base blank photo, the photo of me playing piano, then another of me playing slide trumpet, then regular trumpet, then violin and finally baritone ukulele. I'd have added flute, guitar and maracas, but I was running out of room and didn't want to have to make it any more complicated than I already was.

I even planned where to stand with what instrument and that I ought to change outfits so it didn't look like just an army of Lauras.

The post-production in Photoshop was neat and difficult and nitpicky and a lot of fun! Now I know things like 'make sure your original photo isn't under or over exposed', and 'set the exposure lock'. As the sun moved across the sky in the afternoon while I took these photos, the lighting changed. Or maybe it was the clouds obscuring the sun for some of the shots. However, I was able to persevere, and learn how to use mask and layers and blending. I thought it turned out great!

And that is the end of my photography challenge. However, I do like the thought of having daily ideas, even if I don't shoot them, and doing something twice a month just to keep my skills up. This really made me a better photographer, and I'm hoping that a similar process of just recording and playing around on the piano will get me to be a better musician in the next two months or so!


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