First (but not original) Song with FL Studio 20

It's not an original song, don't get too excited. It is a song from Alfred's Adult Learner, Level 1. It's a lovely song, though! O Sole Mio. I like the arrangement, and the ebb and flow of the song. You might not notice it because I played the piece rather terribly. However, this is just a test to get myself comfortable with playing again and playing to a metronome and using the DAW. I made two mistakes and rather than re-record or learn how to punch in and out (something I knew how to do on my old electronic piano) I decided to use the Piano Roll on the DAW to fix the mistakes. I just tossed it onto SoundCloud for now, but I think I'll go dredge up old HTML knowledge and embed a player sometime for future tracks.

It's not great, but it's just a test. And if it was all that great, then I'd have nothing better to post tomorrow!


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