Hokkaido Milk Bread Attempt #3

I made Hokkaido Mile Bread yet again - I really want to get it right! Each time, I'm getting closer and closer to what I actually want. I saved my own version of the recipe I started from, making edits all the way every time I encountered a problem that the original recipe didn't address. Dough didn't rise? Research why and figure out a solution for next time. Dough too wet? Dough too sticky? Yeast didn't activate?

Baking is so fun but persnickety! This time around, the yeast activated, the dough acted appropriate, it was fun to use, I had a proper rolling pin so I was able to be more exact in my pieces of dough, and I didn't overbake the bread!

However it didn't rise nearly as much as I wished it would have. I rewatched the How Tasty video to see where I went wrong, and the only thing I can see is that I must not have kneaded enough. So, next week, since I'll still have good ingredients, I'll go for attempt #4, with a fair amount of kneading and try for the light, fluffy bread that I've been wanting to eat for the last month!


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