Music from the 1800s

My grandmother played piano, as do I. When I was helping clean up the music in grandma's piano bench about 15 - 20 years ago, she gave me what she wasn't going to play, and I kept it all in a leather-bound folio. I recently looked at the ages of the pieces again, and recalled I have a few pieces of music from the late 1800s. This is a picture of the oldest piece of music I own - from 1881. Impressive that it's in such good shape, considering!

I took a while with this photo. I knew I wanted it to be more artistic than just a straight picture of music/piano. I do wish that the 1881 copyright year was a little more apparent, but if I got closer to it, I wouldn't be able to share the name of the piece. Just having random notes and the copyright year didn't seem like enough. I also wanted it to be on an angle as just straight up and down would be boring. I took several photos with about four different configurations and settled on this one.


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