Things that are pretty cool but don't need a full blog post

I'm going through articles from my email folder that I mentioned yesterday, and I'm finding cool stuff - but I'd have to do a lot of research and writing to make them full posts.

Or I could just post a bunch of them here and let the reader decided if they're worth extra learning.

Like, this really neat MP4 about how the angle of sunlight and amount of light changes throughout the year due to the Earth's tilt:

This is a really neat Conde Nast article about the Transcontinental Airmail Route. It looked like the route went right by my parents' house, but I was disappointed to see that none of the arrows that are left are anywhere near their place. Here's another article that goes more in depth:

As a person that enjoys interesting wheat forward whiskey, this article piqued my interest, and while it wasn't some incredible insight, I like the author's writing style and enjoyed reading this article. If she lived in Raleigh instead of Portland, I'd go whiskey tasting with her if I could.

Chris Bailey runs A Life of Productivity, after doing his Year of Productivity a while ago, to rousing success (I assume, I mean, it worked well enough for him to extend to the the rest of his lives, and I bought his book.) and continues to publish excellent articles. This one is actually a guest post from

And with that article, I think I'll focus on the next blog post.


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