Two cats photo

There was a special two years when I had two cats. One dark evening, I was driving home. About a quarter mile away, a black and white cat that looked a LOT like my cat was walking on the side of the road. I slowed down, both to not hit the cat, and to see if it was mine, and as it wasn't, I drove home (actually to my grandmother's house next door to visit for a while, then I went home.) When I got home, I said, "I saw a cat that looked really similar like Kiki! I slowed down to see if it was, but it wasn't." Dad, who I could only see from the back when I entered the house, turned and said, "Oh, this cat here?" with a grin on his face. Dad also saw the cat and picked her up to take her home. And, for two years we had two cats - Kiki (1992 - 2008) and Goober (2002-2004). Kiki, at best, tolerated playful Goober, but Goober was always open to making new friends. Both cats were such sweethearts, and I was glad to be part of their lives.

I enjoyed staging this photo - the only tricky part was to be sure there was the least amount of glare on the photos from the overhead lights and have the album propped up so all the photos can be seen.


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