Wine Glass Art

This photo was fun to do. I was looking for an arty way to capture my wine glasses. I tried different configurations from the three white and one red wine glass (the fourth white broke when I moved down here seven years ago). I could have done the four red as a set, but I've been drinking white wine as of late, and they were already on my kitchen counter. I photographed them from above while standing on a chair, I photographed part of the collection trying to get the curves of the glasses in sync, I photographed them from below, and nothing really seemed to work. Then, looking at the four glasses while sitting in the chair I was previously standing on, I thought it looked pretty cool that the farther wine glass looked kind of like it was inside the closer wine glass. I lined up the glasses so I could only see the stem on the closer and took a shot. The photo ended up looking neat, but I thought it'd be even better if I could remove the base of the second wine glass just to be more interesting. While my cloning and blending skills still need a lot of work, I really like how this came out!


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