First Round of Reducing the Articles Folder

I've spent at least an hour a day over the past four days skimming through or reading many of the articles I had put in the folder in my email that I'd hoped the application Pocket was going to solve, but instead made much worse.

On the first day, I worked through the oldest articles in the folder, deleting the ones that were of no interest any more, and reading the ones that were, and finally writing about them. I did the same the next day, and yesterday, I started deleting the article links that were of no interest to me now. Today, I read through a few articles that were from one person, realizing that what he wrote were little snippet of ideas, not something that I could easily expound on and create interesting articles. I deleted all similar articles from him. Slightly similarly, I deleted all the emails from a YouTuber that I regularly watch, because the emails are just pointing me to the video they had just created... and I had just watched. I wasn't getting anything there, either.

So after deleting the no-longer-interesting ones, the short fluffier articles and the articles that were related to content I'd consumed elsewhere, I'm down to 233. I'm certain I can knock off the rest of the list by the end of next week.


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