SQL purchased but no test today

I decided to take an evening off and instead did some crosswords, talked to a few friends, and read the first two chapters of the second book, The Black Cauldron, of the series I started a couple of weeks ago. I have a lot of books I'd like to read, and it would likely be better to read for fun from 9pm until bed instead of YouTube or Reddit.

I enjoyed the first chapter - the last chapter of the first book had the protagonist, a teenager, longing for home and simple tasks and tired of being an explorer and warrior. The first chapter of the second book, he's already complaining about his menial tasks! I had a good laugh at that. Teenagers. 

Tomorrow, I'll fired up the new practice test. I was a little disappointed at the number of people who pointed out the practice test included a few errors, so the test taker was marked wrong when they had selected the correct answer. As it's online, hopefully Microsoft has already corrected those!


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