The Book of Three

Instead of reading more of my SQL book, I read The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander. It was a fun fantasy tale for young adult audiences, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it this morning. Being a young adult novel, I was able to easily get it done in about four hours and would recommend it to anyone older than, say, 10 or so, as it's very approachable. The only gripe I have deals with the fact that the author would choose to have dialogue like:

"Why did Event X happen?"
"Event X happened because Event Y happened - and there is no time to explain Event Y!"

Perhaps the author chose this to keep his books short, or to keep the action going, or just to not deal with the possibility of plot holes.

There are four more books in this series that I'll read throughout the summer. I'm looking forward to continuing the story and reading how the protagonist matures. But tomorrow, I'll continue on with Query Optimization in my SQL book. Much drier read, but I'm also not going to be taking a test on The Book of Three in a few weeks, either. Monday, I'll take the practice exam and see how I fare.


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