First Restaurant Experience since March

This evening, I went to a restaurant for dinner with one of my friends. We picked this place because it usually does a ton of lunch business but not dinner business, I'd been there plenty of time before covid, and it's a Greek place with a Subway/Chipotle style of ordering - there aren't any waiters, and the only interaction with the staff is when you order your meal. 

True to what I remembered, the place was nearly empty. One patron inside the restaurant, one patron on the outside, at the patio. We grabbed the table at the opposite side of the patio from where the other patron was eating. It was really nice interacting with strangers (the staff) who were also wearing masks and everyone was kind and laid back. It all made me feel comfortable eating there, almost no one there, the people who were there were wearing masks, and I was able to eat outside. I felt safe and was happy my first 'dine-in' experience was so positive!

I was a fan of theirs before, but I think I'll eat at their restaurant more often, still off peak times, but because they made me feel comfortable to be there!


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