Lunch walk and freezing bean soup

 I decided to go for a walk at lunch so I don't burn out with 5k runs before doing the actual 5k race in a few weeks. I do still have a blister on my toe and want to protect it as much as I can. I walked 2.6 miles, as 2 miles just seemed too short, and the full 3.11 miles I was concerned would be too much. I made myself slow down for this walk - I've conditioned myself to start running and going as fast as possible when I head out of my place in workout gear with my fitness watch going. I even made myself stop in the middle to listen to nature as there weren't any people on one section of the trail, and the traffic couldn't be heard even though it was less than a quarter mile away.

It was difficult to just stop and appreciate! I made myself do things like look up, and see what the tree tops look like from below, and watch robins fly and squirrels scamper. Took a while to slow down and notice all the colors and wildlife, and watch water flow lazily downstream. It was a very pleasant way to pass my lunch hour. Next time I hit the trail, though, I'll do another run.

In an effort to use up some of the things in my kitchen, I made and froze another round of bean soup. It isn't as good as the previous batch, but I used very different beans this time around. I can do one more round, then I'll really have to get creative. I'd say I have a good two weeks of food yet to eat before I need to venture out to the grocery store. I'm happy to be getting to the end of my pantry instead of pushing the items to the back in favor of easier or more well known ingredients.

It looks like our coronavirus numbers continue to be poor throughout the country and world.

We've crossed 20 million cases globally and 5 million cases in the US with little indication of slowing down. I don't expect to travel or even go into the office until next year, and certainly not until I have a vaccine!


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