Oatmilk use and Ramen recipe

 Disappointingly, the oatmilk is entirely too thin to be pleasant in my coffee. I strained the oat milk twice yesterday - I'll make more tomorrow, add a little salt and a bit more maple syrup and only strain it once. I ended up putting in a dash of maple syrup in my coffee this morning to make it less bitter. This could either make me break and go buy a container of oatmilk at the store, or it'll get me down to one cup of coffee instead of two. I did end up drinking a cup of black tea after that, just to help increase my caffeine intake. I don't want a headache cropping up due to lack of caffeine. I mixed up the rest of one of the two  oatmilk containers with some of my chocolate whey protein powder and that wasn't too bad. I think I'll continue that until I use up either the homemade oatmilk or protein powder. I'll drink that instead of eating eggs, which I no longer have in my fridge.

I used my Instant Pot to cook two chicken breasts. They had thawed from frozen, and I cubed them, put in water with a block of chicken bullion and set the trivet in. I placed the chicken on the trivet and set the Instant Pot to cook 8 minutes on high pressure. It wasn't rubbery, but also wasn't the most tender chicken I've had. Closer to tender than rubbery, though. While that cooked, I readied a package of Roast Chicken Ramen, and when that had cooked, I added a drained can of pineapple, chicken, soy sauce and chili paste. It was quite delicious and I'd do that again! 

I found a recipe of bread without yeast, and I have all the ingredients, so I'll try that out tomorrow. Next week, I think I'll try the recipe about creating a soup with green lentils - I have plenty of bean soup to go through first.


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