Pantry cooking Part 2


This ended up a terrible photo, but I was too hungry to properly stage it and make sure it was in focus, and now it's been eaten.

On the left is the bread I made yesterday. It's dense, but quite good for a bread that I didn't add yeast to, and didn't knead, nor did I let it rise before baking. Is it as good as the Guglhupf bread? HECK NO! I'm looking forward to any excuse to head to Durham in order to pick up a loaf or two of that bread. That was fantastic.

However, this being 'clean out the pantry' month, I had the ingredients for this bread, so I made it. And I'll probably make it two more times before I'll be out of ingredients.

To gussy up my Roast Chicken Ramen, I thawed and cooked in the Instant Pot two chicken breasts, and cooked them on high pressure for 8 minutes, foregoing the trivet this time, and I think the chicken came out better. I added the usual soy sauce, ginger and garlic chili paste to the Ramen and happily ate it, dunking the bread in the broth. 


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