The Oatmilk Comparison

 I've tried several different oatmilks as of late. I generally stick with Planet Oat's Original oatmilk, but have branched out just to be sure I'm not missing something. So far, I've tried Silk, Planet Oat, Chobani and my own homemade. I'd rate them from best to worst:

Planet Oat




Planet Oat is what I tried first about a year ago and though it was an excellent replacement for half and half that I was putting in my morning coffee. I even enjoyed it with some chocolate syrup, and I tried the chocolate oatmilk version which was great.

Chobani, I tried today as Harris Teeter had a special - you could get it free until Sunday. Free, not 'with purchase of another item', just free. I felt pretty smart walking out of the grocery store not even paying anything, but getting something for free. The taste isn't bad but paring it with coffee isn't as good as the Planet Oat brand. It didn't remove the bitterness of the coffee, though it did tone it down a little. I'd buy and use this if Planet Oat wasn't available.

The homemade version wasn't great. It'll work in a pinch, but I needed to add quite a bit of it in my coffee and stir my coffee before every sip as it would sink down pretty fast. It didn't taste great by itself - it just kind of tasted like the bowl of liquid at the end of a serving of oatmeal. I'd only use it if I have to.

The Silk brand of oatmilk was a huge disappointment. It's far creamier than the others, however it tasted terrible to me. I made a few cups of coffee with it, and ended up dumping the second cup of coffee and rest of the container down the drain. I'd not take it if it was given to me for free.

There are a few other oatmilk brands I've not tried yet, so after my pantry cleaning month is done, perhaps I'll buy the rest of them and try them against what I've already tasted.


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