Wanted to do a run, but instead settled for a walk

 I was extra tired today due to my neighbors. I can't tell if it's the ones with a toddler next to me or the ones below me, but for the last two weeks at least, it sounds like they're dropping something or closing a door or a drawer every 10 - 30 minutes from 9pm - 1am. Just as I doze off, THUMP THUMP!, then silence again. Since I need 8 hours of sleep and I start work at 7am, this isn't going to work. I listened to my meditation app longer and I tried wearing ear plugs. The ear plugs hurt my ears after a while, and I didn't calm down with my meditation app.

So, this afternoon, I moved my bed. Instead of being on the south side of my bedroom, it's now on the north side. Hopefully that will help. If not, I'll try wearing noise cancelling headphones. If that doesn't work, I'll get the inflatable bed out and sleep in the guest room. If that works, then I know I can move the real bed in there and sleep there for a while.

With that plan in place, I look forward to going to bed and hope that it will be blissfully excellent. 

I'm happy to continue to exercise, and if I wake up feeling good, I'll get a run in tomorrow around lunch time. Today, I just walked 2.5 miles... while a bobcat chased me down the trail! We had a fair amount of rain and flooding, and a fair amount of parks people have been out cleaning up and repairing things. 

I spent the evening catching up on my Watch Later list in YouTube - watching a few, but mostly deleting the videos that I thought sounded interesting at the moment, but now it's months later. I'm just not going to get to that talk between Madeleine Albright and Tim Ferris. Sorry, Tim. Better luck next time.


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