Well, I learned more and will need to pivot from my PIVOT, and had a great but difficult run

 I was so pleased to learn and use PIVOT and dynamic SQL for my report last week, but when I put it all together, I found out that it wouldn't work in my RDL. I struggled to figure out why, and after some searching on Google, it seems that when you use dynamic SQL and exec sp_executesql, SSRS can't figure out what the columns are, and gives up. I learned how to use SET FMTONLY OFF but that didn't help, sadly. Apparently, I'll need to figure out a different way to build my PIVOT or use the matrix tablix in SSRS, something I've not done a lot with. A quick usage of it showed me either I don't know how to use it (likely!) or that the query I'm using isn't set up the way I need it to be (also likely!)

I decided to wait for another day for learning more about matrixes in SSRS as it was already 5pm. Guess it's a good time for another SQL test. As I set it up, I heard THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP. Ahh. My downstairs neighbors must be celebrating the end of their workday with some music. Can I ignore it?

No. They turned it up, and now my chair arms are rattling. I really don't want to go talk to them again. I just want them realize what an appropriate level of noise is. I have a new AC, so I decided to turn my AC down another degree to kick it in, then read in another room. I could still hear the music, so I decided I may as well wash clothes. With moving to the other side of the apartment, the AC going and the washer going, I finally was able to drown out their music. 

Happily, it seemed they only wanted to play it for an hour and a half, so now I have clean clothes, a cooled apartment, and a quiet place again. I'd try for the test again, but I'm meeting with one of my friends (virtually) in about a half hour, and have yet to eat dinner. Hopefully they're done playing music for a while!

In other news, I ran a 5k this morning that ended up being my fastest yet! (Yes, I'm still dreadfully slow.) Around 0.75 miles I thought about turning around at the 1 mile mark. Then I decided I could go a little further, and turn around at the bridge, 1.25 miles in. As I went under the bridge expecting to turn around at the other side, a guy started shouting at me "You got this! Go! Go! You can do it!" as he passed. I thanked him and decided to go all the way to the 1.55 mile mark and turn around there, for my 3.11 full run. Even though I needed to walk most of the third mile, I ended the run with 43:24, my fastest since last November's Hope Through Education 5K when it was 40 degrees. I'm very pleased!


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