Flying Through Books

 I've been flying through books over the last few weeks. I finished Book 4 of the Chronicles of Prydain, then moved on to Book 5, The High King. Both were enjoyable, though I wasn't particularly pleased with the end, as the characters that part act as if it will be forever, even though they were called to Prydain during trouble, so why wouldn't they come back once the High King is indeed in trouble again? Regardless, it was a great adventure, and satisfying wrap up while visiting characters mentioned in the other four books. I'm looking forward to reading the prequel that was just published.

I also finished Rainbows End, a sci-fi thriller. It was excellent, though there were a lot of subplots going on. One of the difficult things was to keep track of the characters - sometimes they were referred to using their last name, or their first name, or a nickname, so it was sometimes confusing to keep everyone in straight. Beyond that nitpick, I really enjoyed the different plots, however I wish the author would have given more backstory to the overarching villains. All you really get is something like "They want to do a bad thing. In fact, the worst bad thing, worse than the recent bad thing that happened." I hoped for more than just "possible notoriety". However, most of the story focused on other characters and gave them enough substance that no one is clearly the good guy, always making the best decisions, or the bad guy, wanting to hurt others just to do it. People had different priorities, and some of them shifted during the story as people worked together, or drifted apart. The author left a few threads hanging, but a sequel hasn't appeared yet. I wonder if he ever will write one.

I'm now starting a book by Arthur C Clarke, called The Fountains of Paradise! It was well recommended, so I have high hopes that it is just as good as the others!


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