Advent Beer #16

 I nearly drank all of this beer before starting the review. At least I can say this blonde beer is drinkable. But I struggle to find something remarkable about it - good or bad! I do think the label looks pretty cool, and the word Sezoens is cool, though I guess it just means "seasons". I was surprised to see it is "double dry-hopped" since it's not bitter beer. After some very small amount of research, dry hopped beers are both more bitter and less bitter than wet hopped beer, depending on the IBU. Also, some person in made the comment "Yes, dry hopping will add bitterness, but not in the usual sense" so that just clears it up. If I had the time and inclination, I'd do proper research.

But, back to what I think about this beer. I like it in a "I'll order one if a good wheat isn't available" and it's really easy to drink. I'll rate it a 5/10. Tasty, but not amazing,


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