Advent Beer #4


Today's beer is O'Shea's Celtic Wheat Beer. I am a big fan of wheat beers, so this one wasn't bad, but there was not an interesting characteristic. Most wheat beers I've had are either citrus forward or banana/cloves forward. This is just... wheat. There is no strong aroma out of it, either. It's almost like you could chew it, it's so wheaty.

I'd give it a 5/10. Drinkable, and I'd drink it happily if given to me for free, but I wouldn't be seeking to purchase it.

The coffee of today was White Chocolate Mocha. It smelled lovely, but tasted of that fake chemically chocolate. I paired it with my oat milk, which helped. I think if I were to have a mocha, I'd just do it properly by adding some chocolate to good coffee.


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