Molasses (nope, Maple Syrup) Cookies (made with Rice Flour)

I decided to make some cookies, and due to SIBO, I needed to find a recipe that excluded wheat flour, milk and milk chocolate. How about Molasses cookies? I found a recipe from Bon Apetit that looks like I could alter. I bought white rice flour and looked up if I could have molasses per my low FODMAP diet, and found out that I cannot! However, I could have maple syrup, and while not nearly as thick as molasses, it still has a sweet dark flavor, and could thicken it using cornstarch. 

After the cookies were done and I ate one (or three, they're small) I deemed the altered recipe good enough to repeat and write up in the recipes portion of my website, calling them Ginger and Maple Syrup Cookies. The cookies are light and puffy and are similar to a mild ginger cookie. I'm looking forward to trying these again in the future with molasses to see how the taste changes.


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